Stage art network at Carte Blanche (DK)

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In January 2015 Carte Blanche – Viborg’s regional theatre – is hosting a workshop of the international stage art network INHEPI.

International artists are gathering in Viborg

INHEPI began in the spring of 2011 with an international workshop, organized by the regional theatre of Viborg, Carte Blanche, and led by Sara Topsøe-Jensen, the artistic leader of Carte Blanche. The participants where independent artists from Spain, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Denmark. The aim was to support and develop the research of interactive installations and performances throughout the world. Each year since, the network has gathered in a different country, each time with a new focus of investigation.

This January, the international team will meet again in Denmark. Like the previous years each artist will all bring the questions that concern them most in their artistic work. A question could be “How do we create the feeling of intimacy between strangers within 5 minutes?”. Each day the artists choose a new question to investigate – either alone or in collaboration. These experiments will be shared internally and also opened out to an invited test audience throughout the week. The work is ‘open source’, all the artists are free to use any of the ideas that emerge within their future work.
The aim of the days is to create a safe space of investigation. It isn’t expected that every experiment will lead to material for a new performance. But sometimes it does. An example of that is the performance Life Live! from 2012, that was later nominated for the danish theatre award “Reumert”. The performance was created in collaboration between Sara Topsøe-Jensen, artistic leader of Carte Blanche and Nullo Facchini, artistic leader of Cantabile 2. Both had participated on the first INHEPI workshop and then decided to collaborate on creating the performance.

Call for test audiences

This year we will need test audiences, of both adults and childrens from age 8. The test showings will be on sunday 25th of January 7pm – 9pm and on wedenesday 28th of January 10am – 12am. Bookings on

As a test audience you will help us to search for answers to the questions that we can’t investigate alone. The session will last for two hours with approximately, half an hour of showing and one and half hour of dialogue between the artists and the audience. The dialogue is just as important as the showing itself and it is a space where you freely can express if you found the showing funny, strange, boring, disturbing, exciting or something completely different. The artists in INHEPI are all independent artists that work with stage art that places a fundamental emphasis on the audience – often inviting an audience to touch, explore, play and particpate in the co-creation of an experience. The aim with the INHEPI network is to create a platform for an on-going investigation and research – A place where the artist can try out the ideas that are perhaps too “risky” within a normal rehearsal period. <in this context, the experiment and dialogue will always be more important than a finished artistic product.


Marga Socies (Spain)
Cindy Rudel (Germany, Denmark)
Jean-Marie Oriot (Belgium,
Benoit Gasnier. (France,
Sara Topsøe-Jensen. (Denmark,
Mette Aakjær. (Denmark,
Antonella Cirigliano (Italy,
Sarah John (Australia)

GUESTS (Denmark):

Helene Qvint (
Gry Worre Hallberg (
Amalie Olesen
Sigrid Moses-Jacobsen