1 of 2 residencies 2013

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2013 is the year of something new. The collective is trying an experiment.

We will be holding two residencies in two different countries: Australia and France.

The first will be from the 18th to 24th March at ArtPlay and will have a focus on 5 to 8 yr olds.

INHEPI were successful in an  ArtPlay Expression of Interest  process. They received funding and a week of space at the beautiful ArtPlay building.

“Our mission at ArtPlay is to involve children and their families in artistic, interactive and creative projects. Through workshops with professional artists, ArtPlay aims to improve educational and arts opportunities for children.”

The participating artist will be Alex Desebrock, Jen Andersen, Heidi Weatherald, Sarah John, Cindy Rudel, Jodie Ahrens & Dan Goronzy.

Stage Manager and designer is Lisa Höbartner.
Researchers are John Jacobs and Marie Østergaard

For more information about individuals, please go to our artists page.